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What happens in an Energy Healing?

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

As an energy healer I am trained and am skilled at perceiving Energy.

Did you know that our physical manifestation of what we see is only a very small part of who we be?

Our energy field extends and expands throughout the cosmos and flows inside and around our physical body. Even though we don't consciously know it most of the time, we are always connected to all that is. The biggest part of who we be is made up of energy.

My work seeks to heal the physical and non physical energetic aspect of self that is manifesting in unhelpful ways in your physical existence. This makes sense because all of what is in our energetic field manifests into our daily lives.

How do I do that?

I can see, feel, smell and perceive Energy.

Our spiritual team lets me know exactly what to work on, they guide me.

Because of the light-codes I am initiated with, I channel enormous amounts of light, I am not the holder of the light, it works through me.

During a session, i work on your chakras, meridians, soul realm, astral realm and etheric bodies, physical body and alternate planes of existence in whatever way is needed for you. Each healing is unique.

What does a typical Energy Healing entail?

-Firstly, I will call in your Energy and your Higher Soul. I check to see how your energy is going today..

What needs work? what is congested? do you have holes leaking energy? do you have thought forms that are a problem? do you have any attached non-physical beings which are usurping your free will? are you holding enough energy? is the energy pump functioning optimally? is your energy clean and clear? are there any blockages? what are these blockages? what needs repairing? do you have cords and attachments? do we need to do a soul retrieval? have you lost soul fragments? are you holding others energy? how can we best remedy these things? what are the main themes that are sabotaging your life? how big is your energy field and what quality is the energy?

Then, I get to work..

I clean your energy. I clean all chakras and body, including the energy that powers your body and all of your cells. I clean meridians, health rays, chakras, webs, astral, etheric and soul fields.

I cut cords and call all of your energy back if needed.

I release any old thoughts, beliefs, programs which are conscious or unconscious.

I release an non-physical beings that are not aligned with unconditional love.

I may apply any appropriate mantra which will help you release dirty, stuck, stale and low vibration energy.

If your house/space needs clearing, I do at that.

Then I set to work repairing your energy...

I use all different frequencies of light-code energy ranging from starry universal energy, electric violet light, unconditional love, white light, gold, emerald green of Sri Dhanvantre, crystal energy, different pranas, angelic light to name a few... This all depends on what comes in organically and what is instructed by your spiritual team.

I replace all thoughts, beliefs and programs with healthy, loving, high vibrational thoughts and beliefs which are then deeply instilled.

I replace old unconscious energy which has been running in the background with high vibrational affirmations and energy.

I send energy into the physical body according to what it has needed.

You receive blessings from divine beings of all kinds who love you unconditionally to completely integrate and upgrade your energy to the highest vibration.

I strengthen, fortify and repair your auric shields.

I sometimes offer homework to support the huge upgrade and downloads you received during your healing, so that you are an active carer of your entire being.

You may also receive new light codes, shamanic blueprints, downloads of past life mastery, connect with loved ones who have crossed over, connect and commune with your higher soul, meet your spiritual team and/or totem animal, have past life regression healing, heal trauma through generations, receive healing on your DNA, remember and commune with your star seed family, travel to atlantis or lemuria, receive messages about what your highest purpose is on Earth at this time, meet Gods/Goddesses, experience spontaneous insights from beyond the veil. The list goes on.. This is all in a days work.

You are left feeling super energised and clear in mind, body and spirit.

You feel ready to commune with the world in a much more hightened, high vibrational, compassionate and empowered state. You feel focused, motivated and enlightened.

If you have an questions or would like more information, i am always happy to refer you to previous clients who can give reference, or feel free to email me or call.

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