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Is Life really fair? Chance, Circumstance and Compassion.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Is it true that when you do the right thing you will have a positive outcome?

Essentially, the universe is fair. Good things come to those who wait. There are deserving and undeserving. Life can be controlled. Doing good things means good will come. If something bad happens, it was totally avoidable.

Have you ever thought any of these things?

The lightbulb moment i have is, by believing we have ultimate control over what the universe brings to us or someone else, we are forgetting about the aspects of chance and circumstance.

I know a woman who smoked a packet of fags a day and died in her sleep peacefully at the age of 94. I also know someone who smoked a packet of fags a day and died at 54 from pancreatic cancer. However, the narrative will be different.

People will say that if the person who died at 54 hadn't smoked, then they wouldn't have died so young. I mean, how would we know for sure? X + Y = Z, Simple.

I think this notion of X + Y = Z is sometimes a lie.

This may be due to humanities' innate search for meaning making. The need to make sense of life.

A senseless, random, out of control existence sounds pretty alarming, but what if it isn't so scary?

What if we punish ourselves in shame and regret for something which was random and had a whole host of circumstantial factors?

Its easy to judge someone and say "Oh well, if they did or didn't do that..then the situation would or wouldn't have happened.

When i lay it out like that, it sounds frivolous, black and white, superficial, and can easily write off someone who is just a victim. It bypasses a whole lot of humanity and compassion.

It also disparages those who genuinely get lucky breaks, work terribly hard, have help from others, or who have circumstances to support an outcome.

I truly believe that a lot of what we experience is attributed to chance and circumstance. Certainly, it is wise to adhere to virtuous behaviour and do all we can, however, even for the best of us difficult situations occur despite our best efforts.

Wouldn't it be more appropriate to be compassionate when bad things happen?

Also, to celebrate more than ever, each other's success?

If we are all victims of chance and circumstance, isn't a win simply amazing against all odds?

And so, if life is so random and unfair doesn't that make Hope one of the most miraculous things?

Maybe our gold is not found in controlling and fearing life?

Maybe our gold is found in what we do After any big experience we've had.

Maybe our gold is found in how we help one another?

Maybe our gold is found in REALLY appreciating the good when its here, and seeking growth and gratitude when times are tough?

Maybe our gold is found in our resilience to keep on going after a setback, despite it all?

Maybe our gold is found in the person we become despite difficulty or accomplishment?

Maybe our gold is found in recognising the humanity in each other?

I have a feeling the universe is extremely fair in the way we are All dealt good times and bad.

Life i think, is for learning and for loving and for who we are ultimately, Becoming.

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