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Dealing with Change

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Change is a certainty, but how do we deal with change in a spiritual manner?

As spiritual aspirants, you may have noticed that when you change your energy, your life changes? Sometimes shockingly fast. A little too fast for comfort?

When we change ourselves, everything changes in our physical reality.

This is because our physical reality is only a tiny aspect of who we are. We are exponentially pure energy, so it makes sense that when we change something about our energy, this manifests in our daily lives.

One of the first things i was taught when in spiritual learning was that there will be change and how to cope with it.

I was taught practical tools on how to approach change and to flow gracefully through change so that i had outcomes better than i had imagined.

The universe works in funny ways. Its so much easier being the conscious creator of my life. Even if things sometimes, inevitably, come out of the blue i have a much easier time accepting, understanding and appreciating the good.

Sometimes change is great, sometimes it is downright shocking, grief inducing and scary.

Here are some tools i learned and practice which help in times of change ...

  1. Meditate. Mediation is so useful. Stilling the mind, relieving anxiety and purifying our energy is so beneficial. Find meditations for the issues you are dealing with and begin to clear the path. If you find meditating tricky, try a guided one on youtube.

  2. Get help. Go and see a counsellor or psychologist. Speak to a professional in that field, get the facts, get healings, see your priest...whoever gives good advice and can set your thoughts and energy straight...ask them to support you through your transition. This is invaluable. No man is an island, or even a peninsula.

  3. Increase your spiritual practice but refrain from big bursts of kundalini (unless you'd like unexpected, increased change!). All puja, meditation, prayer, journaling, healing, EFT, exercise, purification, mantra, satsang helps smooth the way and can give you increased insight into problem solving and reduced fear.

  4. Forgive. It can be hard when we've had friends or family members not like the new us and a relationship is not possible or simply falls away. Grief, bewilderment, anger, abandonment and many more feelings we had hiding can surface. Sometimes someone else changes and we don't see eye to eye anymore. This is all a part of life and forgiving someone else or yourself (even a tiny bit) can be very healing. Sometimes you will find that people come around years later and a relationship can be rekindled on new, solid, healthy ground.

  5. Let go and let God (or Goddess, Spirit, the Universe etc). Darn. Isn't it hard to let go of the reins when there is change? Our ego wants everything to be neat, perfect, predicable and safe. However, our ego doesn't let us know that things could be even better if we let inspiration in. Ego doesn't leave room for miracles. Our ego doesn't trust that letting go of an already preconceived outcome can even be done! We get better at that by trusting our spiritual practice and faith. Sometimes saying F*ck it and surrendering to change is the only thing we can your practices for best outcome.

Most times i have found that it is not the actual thing thats changing that is causing me stress.

I'm worrying about loss. Loss of comfort. Im worried about gain. Gaining something that will cause pain.

These are important!

Journalling can be invaluable. Write down your desires, hopes and fears. Then deal with them methodically. Bounce off your worries and fears with a friend, create as much safety as you need.

Try to change your mind from lack to abundance. Change is your chance to upgrade!

Change is inevitable, how we deal with it is completely our choice.

E.F.T is absolutely fantastic - and Gala Darling and Brad Yates have so many sessions to help with change.

Mantras to help with change Jai Ganesha Mantra to clear the way and find wisdom. Maha Lakshmi Mantra to bring in abundance of all good things and best outcomes.

"...To evolve into new cycles, one has to learn to discard...If one changes internally, one should not continue to live with the same objects...they reflect ones mind and psyche of yesterday..." - Anaiis Nin.

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