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Hi!  My Name is Mia.

I Am, amongst many other things, a licensed Energy Healer.

The Soul Home is a way to connect my spirituality and lifelong training with the world.

I am a High Vibes enthusiast and a pragmatist. Even though i am deeply connected to-and have a great understanding of all things Woo-Woo, i prefer to remain peacefully grounded and connected to everyday life. This is where we all live in this human experience, and this is where i want to be helping.

I believe we are the ones who heal ourselves and that i am merely a hollow bone for high voltage healing energy. 

I help you to realise your own inner strengths and the knowing that You have it all within you already. I specialise in assisting people to uncover their own greatness, discard old habits, beliefs, paradigms and energy which is holding them back from fully thriving and succeeding in whatever they wish to do with Joy. 

I am a well of enthusiasm, positivity and a cheerleader for other peoples' transformation. Yet my gentle, peaceful, compassionate nature guides you through even the most difficult emotional terrain with non-judgement, allowing you to be fully seen and heard as the blazing, beautiful being that you are. I See You.

I assist people who want to connect with their higher selves in a decidedly down to earth approach. 

Some areas that i assist with are - Better Relationships, More Empowerment, Greater Self Esteem, Recovery from Depression, Management of and Recovery from Anger, A life with more Money and Abundance, Blazing Positivity, Animal Healing, Healthy Sexuality and Physical Wellness.

Feminine Empowerment, Sexuality and Sensuality is a deep interest. Connection to feminine power and the Divine Feminine is an important facet of the emerging culture of empowerment for women. 

My skills are multi-faceted for you to be able to free yourself from pain and move more into a place of deep inner peace and joy than ever before.

If you would like to know more about my personal journey visit my blog..

I look forward to being of service- Namaste, Sat Nam, Om Namo Narayani.



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