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Great insights into my inner child. Thank You for the clarity.


Elizabeth Deal

Upon starting my sessions, I didn't know what to expect. I leave each session with clarity and a feeling of peacefulness. It has helped a great deal. Mia has been kind, gentle, knowledgable, professional, full of love and passion. I can't Thank her enough.


Bree Leighton

A beautiful experience and so meaningful.It brought me peace, tranquility and now i'm not stressed with chronic pain. My whole body and soul has been on a journey.


Robyn Gilmour

Lovely Lady, Powerful! Namaste.



Mias calming, gentle, beautiful nature is so lovely to be around, even in a digital/online sense I felt her energy coming through..which to be honest i'm a bit of a skeptic about. Im now a convert. Issues that I had buried from childhood-i literally felt them leave my body. NP- I referred Mia to a friend of mine who has had chronic back pain for years, he was blown away because after just one session he was able to make his bed without pain for the first time since the accident.


Katrina Hawley

Gentleness, kindness and amazing energetic and anatomical knowledge amazed and inspired me. I felt total trust in her as my healer and I could feel deep transformation with my being. Truely Grateful.


Anahata Ma

I have been receiving energy healing and spiritual guidance from Mia for almost 5 years. I was in a place of deep darkness. From the first few sessions I started to release blocks and thought patterns I wasn't aware were holding me down.These sessions helped me to connect with and heal parts of me I thought I had lost. Over the years Mia and I would work through grief, depression, PTSD and self harm; all things that I now no longer experience. I feel that the work Mia and I have done together has accelerated my healing and shown me a path of ease and empowerment. I still receive healings and guidance when I feel I need it and hope to have the opportunity to continue to grow and expand with Mia.


Esther Murphy

I have had the privilege to have had several healings with Jyoti Ananda (Mia). At the beginning I did not know what to expect but I trusted her completely. After the first session I felt really good, I don't know what but it made me feel peace. Throughout the sessions I felt a lot more strong and empowered, we worked on issues with my family and now everything with them is going well. After each session I can say it was easier for me to deal with everything and I felt a lot stronger every time, Mia was full of Love, understanding and non-judgement, she really wanted every session to be as effective as possible. She worked on me with passion, love, concern, care and gratitude. She truely did amazing work.


Ange Watel

I have known Mia for 18 years and she was also a client and student of mine with multiple Theta Healings over a year or two. When I commenced healings with Mia I was experiencing physical pain, anger, energy bombardment and a loss of faith. The first couple of sessions Mia cleared the energy of our home, cats and myself and I could feel a substantial difference. The pain subsided and I wasn’t feeling energetically bombarded and overwhelmed anymore. I believe that through my several sessions with Mia I have been able to navigate what has been a profound time of healing and change for me. The most notable shifts being a stronger sense of peace, self love and self appreciation. The work we have done on speaking up for myself has been huge. So huge that I finally had the courage to confront a person who abused me a decade ago. I have had healings from some people during the Path Of Ease and Grace courses as well as Savitur and Parvati and the level of healing I’ve received from Mia has been incredible and effective. She has helped me to reignite my desire to heal myself and heal others and I thank her not only for her healings and bringing me to Shanti Mission but for inspiring me with her profound faith and the level of progress and healing she has achieved for herself.Thanks to Shakti Durga, all the facilitators and healers and God’s divine spiritual support team that Mia has had guide her, you’ve done a brilliant job shaping and teaching an amazing healer. Thank you Mia from the depths of my heart and soul.


Rose Cruz

I have known and received energy healings from Mia for almost two years now and could not fully express in words how grateful I am for her healings.Mia is an uplifting, high vibrational being with genuine joy in the well-being of others. Mia takes her time during her energy work to lift all that no longer serves you- and you can physically feel the lift! Even though our healings have been online I can feel the work and energy that Mia is putting in and releasing. After my healings I have noticed significant vibrational shifts and always feel extremely good. Mia has made a significant impact on my life with her healings. Mias energy work released ALL fear, negative energy, and attachments that I had during a court case last year. Mia put me in touch with myself which guided me to my empowerment. I felt in complete control of my mind and vibration in a situation that could have been completely the opposite.I feel so lucky to know Mia and to experience her healings. Her work continues to inspire and uplift me and the people around me.


Gemma McCarthy

I was introduced to Mia by a friend in the surfing community. What I first noticed was her compassion, patience and ability to make me feel completely at ease. I'd never had an energy healing before but I had watched a mate not be able to tie his own shoe laces to getting back on the water in the space of a day after a healing with Mia. So I thought, righto, I'll try it. Mia somehow knew everything that was wrong without me without me saying anything. During the healing i could feel pain leaving my body and it was an extraordinary experience to say the least.Since that day I haven't had any neck pain. 4 years ago i fractured a vertebrae in my neck and had lots of accompanied pain, this is the first time i've been pain free in all that time. Thanks Mia, you're Amazing.


Quentin Davis


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