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I am here for you.

  • What happens in an Energy Healing?
    With you sitting in a comfortable chair, I work on your energy field and gently, with a flick of my wrist, remove negative thoughts, vibrations, energies and emotions. I use many different types of energy to help various emotional, physical and spiritual issues. The healing feels extremely relaxing and there are often very relieving feelings of old emotions lifting. Huge problems that seem to not be able to be rectified can be turned around in a few sessions or, even one session of Energy Healing. Adults, Children, Plants, Homes, Businesses, Relationships and more can be worked on and healed. It is wonderful for pain in the body as well. Most clients feel elated, peaceful, aligned, rested, blissful and happy after a healing. Healings can also be done absentee and online. For more details please don't hesitate to contact me or look at Ignite Your Spirit Therapy on
  • Do you help treat clients with terminal illness?
    Ignite Your Spirit Therapy (The type of Energy Healing i do) is my favourite therapy for this phase. Because we work so much with 'outer realms' and the Soul, Energy Healing can bring so much comfort, enlightenment and peace for the client and their families during this time. Energy Healing helps all of us to connect deeply with our higher souls and our highest potential. This sacred time of passing through can be loving and with great peace.
  • What happens in a R.A.W session?
    With you lying on a massage table or sitting in a comfortable chair, I use Kinesiology to target individual energetic and physical blocks and then erase them all. The process is akin to deleting files on a computer- it is so gentle and so easy. I then erase what needs to be upgraded and download a new affirmation.In this process I am telling your energy what it needs to heal itself. Extremely relaxing, this therapy can also be done online. For more information contact me or look at
  • What happens in a Crystal Dreaming session?
    Lying clothed and covered with a blanket in the middle of a huge and intricate mandala of Crystals, you feel a gentle shifting of your perception of consciousness, but you are fully awake. There is nothing that can hurt us here, we are simply observers on a Shamanic Journey. Here, we heal any past traumas that are affecting your present. You feel safe and held, yet this is a profound experience. This treatment is for those who would like to discover the Full Potential Of their Soul, What they are doing here, at this time on earth and live a life free of trauma and pain. Crystal Dreaming is a Shamanic Journey into your superconscious. It is an illuminating, relieving, joyful and eye opening experience into your full potential. In clinic only. For more information look at
  • Do you treat clients with health problems?
    Yes. As long as your medical professional has given you the go-ahead. This must be proven with medical certificate before the start of session for medical conditions. Energetic healing is not a replacement for medical intervention.
  • Can I buy a multi-session pack?
    Absolutely, Yes. After our initial session you can buy a 5, 10 or 20 pack. All packs are discounted prices. Have a look at my package section, or contact me and i will program a package just for You!
  • Do I need to believe in Religion or God? Its all a bit woo-woo!
    Most people in this day and age do not see energy. However, it still exists. We know that electricity powers our brain, heart and cellular functions. Science has confirmed that energy exists in and around our body and that it can be transmitted to other places in our environment. Some of my clients are atheist. This is not a religious ceremony and there is no religious affiliations nor religious rites performed. You are encouraged to believe what you want to believe in life. It is Simply Energy. YOU are always in control of the healing.
  • Do you treat animals and children too?
    Yes. Children and Animals energy bodies require a more sensitive touch and heal very quickly. Many times babies, animals and children can heal in just one session. Popular ailments include tummy troubles, joint pain, grief, separation anxiety, phobias, behavioural problems, sleeping issues, relationships. All animals can benefit from energy healing.
  • How do you do Healings Online?
    Absolutely! Energy is not linear. It goes where I tell it to go. I don't need to be able to see you. I call your energy into the room and I can feel you. I work on you in exactly the same way as if you were sitting in front of me. I prefer to the use the online platform Zoom. Skype is ok, FaceTime, and even Facebook messenger. We can also be on the phone. You simply sit or lie down wherever you are in the world and we do our healing as if I am sitting right beside you. The results are exactly the same as face to face.
  • Do you offer Discounts?
    I am regularly taking on pro-bono projects. But they are usually large and longer term.These are at my discretion. I do offer discounted sessions or two for ones a couple of times a year and these are advertised via my social media (Instagram and Facebook). Also, my packages are heavily discounted sessions overall. Check it out in the 'work with me' section.
  • Who don't you do a healing on?
    I don't do a treatment on anyone that has a medical diagnosis where the doctor or physician has said 'No' to an Energy Healing treatment. I don't do a treatment on anyone who has been suffering from Mental Health issues in the past 3 months and is without medication or stabilisation. I don't do a treatment on anyone who I feel should be referred to another professional. I don't do a treatment on anyone who I feel would not benefit from a healing with me. All of these cases are referred With Love to another professional. Energetic Healing is not a substitute for Medical Intervention.
  • How do I book?
    You will find the "Booking" tab on the this site. Please click that tab, you will be directed to the booking site where you are able to select a time in your timezone and pay.
  • Who would benefit from a healing?
  • How do I book you for Special Functions, High Profile clients or Corporate Groups?"
    Simply email me at
  • Do you do Meditation groups for Business and special events?
    Yes I do! Simply email me at
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