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Protect Your Vibes

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

So now that you've got bouncy, shiny, clean energy...How do we protect it?

Do these before you walk out the door on the daily.

Do it before you sleep and if you are still mastering energetic boundaries (empath), do it several times a day to start, until the protection feels robust, then back to twice daily.

Both of these are from the magnificent Raym and Chicchan Richards (Master and Founders of Crystal Dreaming).

A fun explanation why we do it...and some exercises to try, by Gala Darling.

New Horizons are just the Bees Kneez for childrens meditations, but they started with mainstream meditations. This White Light Protection Meditation is so relaxing and so effective.

These are by no means exhaustive. There are many many types of energy protection rituals to do, the key is to do them regularly.

Good Vibes all the way!

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