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Healing Music For Your Chakras

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Oh Thank You God/Goddess for the gift of Music!

Sound can HEAL.

Ive put together a list of songs. This is by no means exhaustive, you can find LOTS of music and Mantra that opens your energy field, cleanses it and helps you heal.

These songs resonate within each individual Chakra. Focus on the area that it is vibing with. Of course you will feel it all over, but some instruments just resonate with different energy centres more fully. Listening to music can be an #energetichealing on its own.

Here is a non-conventional playlist of music which activates your Chakras also...

Listen Loud. ENJOY!

1. (Earth Star and Base Chakra) Base Chakra - Ruby Resonance - (Jonathon Goldman, Crystal Tones)

2. (Sex Chakra, Danitien Point) OPUS - (Eric Prydz)

3.(Navel Chakra) Grounded Earth Meditation, Solo Didgeridoo - (Didge Therapy, Joseph B, Carringer)

4. (Solar Plexus Chakra)The Centre Of Power, Manipura Chakra - (Vidura Barrios, Music of Deep Meditation)

5.(Heart Chakra) I Love You - (Sarah McLachlan)

6. (Throat Chakra) Vivaldi, The Four Seasons - (Max Richter, Konzerthaus Kammerorchestra)

7. (Third Eye Chakra) Om - (Shakti Durga)

8. (Crown Chakra) Devi Prayer - (Craig Pruess and Ananda)

9. (Crown Chakra and The Bridge) Om Namo Narayani (Edo & Jo)

Here is the Sanskrit Bija Mantra for the whole Chakral Body, as follows...

You would say these Bija (Seed Light language) Mantras out loud starting with Hari Om and concentrating on each chakra in turn as you travel up the body. These sounds activate the #chakras and circulate energy. It is a mantra #meditation.

Repeat 6 times starting from Hari Om.

Hari Om (Earth Star) Vasundhara

Nam Lam (Base Chakra) Muhadhara

Mam Vam (Sex Chakra) Svadhistana

Sim Ram (Solar Plexus) Manipura

Vam Yam (Heart Chakra) Anahata

Yam Ham (Throat Chakra) Vishuddha

Shiva Om (Third Eye Chakra) Ajna

Swaha (Crown Chakra) Sahasrara

.......... (Soul Star) Vyapini

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