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The Art of play and making love takes on a new meaning with HighOnLove Dark Chocolate Body Paint.

Developed as an aphrodisiac, in itself, this luscious and rich Dark Chocolate is made with premium grade CBD Cannabis Sattiva (hemp) seed oil giving couples a satisfying taste for more. The effects of HighOnLove Dark Chocolate Body Paint takes intimacy to a whole new level by releasing euphoric sensations and pure delight. Inspired by the distinguished chocolatiers in Brussels!


Made with 100% natural ingredients. Made in small batches to guarantee the highest quality.

100ml. VEGAN. Comes with calligraphy style brush. Bunny stamped no animal testing.



HighOnLove Dark Chocolate Body Paint

  • This product may only be returned if unopened. Return and full refund only accepted if returned within 14 days of delivery date.

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