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What you receive-

- Weekly tapping sessions via Zoom for your issue/s of choice with recording/scripts to be able to redo FOREVER.

- There is nothing we cannot work on with EFT.

- Bring all those sabotaging beliefs and get ready to simply dissolve them. Yes, we can change it that easily.


EFT (Emotional FreedomTechnique) is a type of energetic accupuncture which simply dissolves energetic blocks that hold our beliefs in place. Gently using pressure points as our channels for change, we simply instruct the subconscious to release what is no longer serving us and we instill affirmations (positive psychology) to instill what we would really like to be/happen/do.


Meet for 30 minutes twice a week for 4 weeks, recieve the recording and tap on your personalised challenge.


Painless, Easy, Life-Changing.

Its so easy.. Just tap it out!


This program is an investment of $240 AUD

- EFT 4 Week Program

  • If you arent able to see me in clinic due to distance, we do all healing on Zoom, by phone, Skype or similar.

    This treatment is not an alternative to Medical Intervention. When in doubt contact your GP or local hospital.

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