From the moment of conception our energetic structures change in response to supporting another human life.

You may have found that everything you believed was reality has now changed, that you have changed and you may be struggling to find out where you- The Mother- now fits in this new life. 

In this program we work on energy levels, good deep rest, connection with your baby, connection with your family, money and abundance, fear, guilt, healing physical body, joy and inner child, grief, stress and all issues around Mothering in a compassionate and empowered way.

This is wonderful, loving and tender support that helps new mothers with this new phase of life.



Two 50 minute healings a week for 6 weeks online face to face (If possible, otherwise it is done absentee with bi-weekly report sent to you). We work around baby's schedule. 


-Bi- weekly remote Full body physical energetic healing.

-Daily remote belief work.

-Daily remote unconditional love healing and grounding.

-Daily Sheilding and cutting cords, energetic protection.

-Relationship Healing

-House clearing

- Connection and integration with your baby.


Investment of $949

New Mother - 6 Week Intensive

  • This is not a treatment that is an alternative to Medical Intervention. When in doubt contact your GP or local hospital.