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Money. Its a subject most people are interested in, in this world we need it, how do we get more of it, keep it and feel good about it?


How is your relationship with Money and Abundance in your life?

Would you like to earn and keep more money than ever before?


What you recieve-

- Weekly, one hour healing for 6 weeks online.

- Daily remote belief work (dissolving persistent beliefs).

- Personalised weekly E.F.T tapping sessions that you can repeat.

- An energetic deep-dive into why you aren't manifesting the abundance you want, as well as practical tools and rituals to do to get that money coming in!

- Mantra and other energetic work you can repeat.

- Real life financial tools to support the relationship you have with finances and abundance, so you have structure and safety around your money.


Do you have an issue earning the $$ you want, are you living the lifestyle you desire?

Do you have an issue keeping Money once you've got it?

What are your familial and genetic beliefs around Money?

Do you believe that a 'person like you' can only earn a certain amount?

Are you able to manifest your ideal amount to live on each week?

Do feel overworked and unappreciated?

Do you find yourself fearful, hesitant and depressed about money?

Do you have a scarcity mindset about Money and Abundance in general? Or could you feel better about it?

Is Money a hard subject for you? Has Money been a source of negativity most of your life?

Would you like to change your mindset about Money and Abundance?

Do you know how worthy you are?

Would you like to feel safe, empowered, in the flow, abundant, supported, generous, wealthy, content, inspired, happy and as if you always have more than enough?


Then this package is for you..


This 6 week intensive will jump-start your relationship with Money and Abundance.

Money is Energy. 

Working with practical solutions, (as well as doing the inner work) around Money, moves mountains.

What we think, we create.


This program is an investment of $769


Money and Abundance Intensive

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