A new business is like a new baby, it needs a lot of energy, attention, intention, time and momentum to get it going. This package removes the blocks that may make you stumble in that crucial launch time. And instils your business with fresh energy and beifs that you will need to not only survive, but thrive.


This package will provide you with massive energetic momentum to carry the business from the ground into reality. We work on your fears, abundance, business relationships, worthiness, clear vision, intention, motivation, practicalities and more. Attracting clients and Money.

We also energetically protect you from anything that would sabotage or hurt your business in its fledgeling stage.



-Two healings a week for 6 weeks online face to face.(12 x 1 hour healings)

-Twice a week remote business healing.

-Daily remote belief work.

-Daily Social media energy clearing and blessing.


Investment $1300



Getting Your Business Started - 6 Week Intensive

  • All sessions are on Zoom, Phone, Skype or similar platform if you are unable to see me face to face due to distance