This package is wonderful support for anyone who is experiencing a relationship breakdown. Relationship breakdowns are in the top 5 most stressful experiences that a human can endure. The effects of a relationship breakdown can last a lifetime and affect every area of your life. 


The work we do will help you to grow past the hurt, devastation, loss of self, loss of self esteem and grief. We will instill within you self love, empowerment and keep you energetically supported whilst you recreate your life as you would like it- Carefree, full of love, abundant, peaceful and with better relationships than ever before.

We constantly cut you from old harmful paradigms that would keep you in the energy of that old relationship so that you are able to move on, without baggage, into a bright and happy future.

We call in your most compatible Soul Mate.

This package is for any relationship- work, family, friend or romantic partner.



-Two 50 minute healings a week for 6 weeks online face to face. Consultation is added onto this time. (12 x healings)

-Daily remote belief work.

-House clearing.

-Daily remote cutting cords and energetic protection.

-Daily remote Unconditional Love healing.

-Relationship healing.

-Call in most compatible Soulmate.

-Energetic Divorce.


This is an investment of $1300.

Getting Over A Relationship - 6 Week Intensive

  • All sessions are over Zoom, Skype or similar tech platform.

    This treatment is not an alternative for Medical Intervention, when in doubt contact your GP or local Hospital.