This 4 week Intensive Package is for those who wants to get back in touch with The Divine Feminine within and who would like to deepen their Sensual Allure.


Just some of the things we may touch on are but not limited to..

Sex, sexuality, birth, miscarriage, abortion, feminine grail wound, trauma, shadow work, sacral chakra, shame, inner child, self esteem, negative beliefs, boundaries, relationship healing, the mother and father wound, past lives, divine mother, sex coaching and much more...


There is so much freedom to discover within yourself and your own being!

If you are interested in unlocking and unblocking the barriers to all of your Sensual Empowerment, then this course is for you.


What you will recieve-

-4 x 1 on 1 hour healings online. (1 a week for 4 weeks)

- Personal intimacy coaching to connect deeper with your partner physically and emotionally.

- Tantric practices.

- Personal Sex coaching on how to BE more sexual, FEEL more sexual and revel in your sensuality more every, single, day.

- Daily remote thought-form work (removing persistent negative beliefs)

- Mantras to enhance sensuality and self esteem.

- Daily remote unconditional love blessings for support.

- Sacred Feminine rituals to enhance sensuality such as movement, lunar rituals, meditations and much more!

- Sacred rituals to get you in tune with the Divine Mother.

- Individual EFT session just for you. 


A pleasurable life is a good life. Many of us have had the fun, creativity, sensuality, sexuality, empowerment and power shamed out of us by culture, family and  society.

The tide is turning, the Future is Feminine and we are regaining our sovereignty and right to enjoy ourselves, our bodies and our lives.

Being in touch with and OWNING our sensual feminine is deeply empowering, powerful and beautiful.

When we are in touch with ourselves and live without shame, harmoniously, joyfully, sexually we have deep peace.

We are grounded.

We enjoy life and all of it offers, unapologetically.

We have more energy to love our partners, friends, children and community.

We are more expansive with our love and compassion.

We are in touch with our intuition like never before.

We enjoy sex and being sexual..

We beam with self esteem.

We have a sense of innocence and play.

We seek the good times and know we have earned our right to enjoyment.

We appreciate the little things as well.

We love our bodies for the amazing, beautiful, genius that they are with all of the infinite ways they can bring us pleasure-every day!

We live unapologetically and with authenticity.

We feel contentment.

Life feels fulfilling.


Each package is formulated for each individual and the work that they need.

This course is open to all genders and sexual preferences. Online face to face.

Feminine Sensual Empowerment Program- 4 Week Intensive