Are you having money issues? Do you you earn money but can't keep it?

What do you count as abundance?

What are your beliefs around Money?

Do you believe that you deserve all good things in life, or is your life joyless and stressful?

Do you have an abundance of energy and have appreciation for your life?

Are you physically healthy, with a wonderful network of friends and people who love you?

All this and more is covered in this package. We cover your main areas of lack and work on your ability to not only attract health, wealth and all good things- but also keep it. 



-Two healings a week for 6 weeks online face to face.

-Twice a week abundance puja and energetic clearing.

-Daily remote belief work. 

-Daily cutting cords, grounding and energetic protection.


Investment $1300

Abundance Package - 6 Week Intensive

  • All sessions are on Zoom or similar tech platform.