What is E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique)?

Updated: Feb 14


Are you wondering what 'Tapping' or #EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is?

I discovered E.F.T in 2015, I had already become healer in several #EnergyHealing modalities and I was on the 'Try Everything' train. I love the ease, speed and efficiency of the E.F.T method, it can be done anywhere, at anytime, by anyone.

What I found on this epic healing journey, is that some of us think that the best way to predict the future is to look at the past.

Sometime we can get can be stuck on the merry-go-round of repeated sabotaging patterns. We can believe that nothing can be changed and life can feel as if its too hard.

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

When I started Energy Healing and investing in conscious work, I tried every different modality that came my way. I had been a virtual prisoner of my low self esteem where I had subscribed to people who never loved me, used me for money, disrespected me, treated me like dirt and then tossed me aside when they were done. All this was what I felt I deserved. It was a major pattern all my life and i didn't know any better. But one day, I knew that anything must be better than I started healing. I had absolutely NOTHING to lose, except my life.

11 years on and that old life i had unconsciously accepted is like a bad dream. I can barely even remember who i was and what I used to think. I went from stuck into a life of abundance, fun, miracles, happy relationships, opportunity, peace, love, amazing relationships and a general feeling of joy and optimism. All this because of healing work, EFT was a pivotal part of that.

What I love about this wondrous method of energetic healing is that Tapping allows us to gently free ourselves from old stories and beliefs that we have now outgrown. E.F.T easily deletes and transforms old paradigms and instils new, positive, life affirming beliefs.

E.F.T, in a nutshell, is Energetic Acupuncture mixed with Positive Psychology.

As with acupuncture, E.F.T frees up stagnant energy within the millions of meridians within our being.

Then with positive affirmations, instils new healthy beliefs, that are permanent (until you want to change those too).

This is all done with light tapping of your fingers on certain Accupressure points on the body, anyone can do it.

E.F.T leaves you feeling energised, light and happy after a session.

I truely believe that we can change our lives, I went from decades of sadness and stuck-ness to a whole new bright, shiny me. The best i've ever, ever been.

When we have the right tools, life can turn around in such a short time. I know that if I can change...then anyone can.

E.F.T is easy for anyone to do, anywhere at anytime, for any issue.

Some things that happen to us can seem insurmountable, but i'm here to assure you that with a little courage and a helping hand (pardon the pun), there is nothing that we cannot overcome.

E.F.T Tapping is gentle, it is quick and we can do it daily. It is completely customisable for you and you can repeat it anytime as much as you want. I absolutely love E.F.T and i'm grateful that I have this wonderful modality in my toolbox- its my secret weapon.


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