Wealth And Abundance

Updated: Feb 3

Who doesn't want more Money?

However, Wealth is not just in regards to finances. Currency comes in many forms- Good Health, Great Friends and Associates, Good Family, Education level, Where you live, Good Ideas, Great Opportunities, Good Looks and much more..

I believe we are moving away from the old outdated group consciousness that money is bad. In fact, I believe at one time or another, rich people told other people that 'Money is the root of all evil' just to keep them down- and those other people believed it.

Money is not the root of evil, bad people are. But this strange belief keeps so many down.

When im doing an #energetichealing money comes up a LOT.

There are untold beliefs around money and how and why we can't make it, save it and manage it. Worthiness is another big issue. Deserving, knowing what it feels like to handle money responsibly, loving money, feeling ok to want money, and getting paid for the energy you put out EQUALLY.

All this and More..

There are so many things that can block your flow of wealth and abundance in genera such asl..

-Self Sabotage/Fear

-Victim consciousness

-Untamed Inner Child


-Back pain (yup, its a thing)

-Parental/Familial inherited Schemas

-Not knowing how it feels to earn a high wage

-Physical Unsafety

-Your network of friends/family/tribe

-Low self esteem

The list goes on and on..

An abundance mindset and feeling comfortable around earning and keeping money is crucial to being able to handle it. Appreciating the riches that we already have are also crucial. Most of our money and abundance beliefs came from our childhood and culture-they are largely unconscious.

So how do we get to a place where we ARE comfortable and open to more Wealth and Abundance?

Having an Energy Healing can drastically change our mindset and emotions and energy from one of lack, anger, envy, irresponsibility, poverty consciousness, hopelessness and despair... to one of safety, responsibility, hope, gratitude, inspiration, flow, magnetism, and more money coming your way!

If you'd like a healing around #Wealth and #Abundance check out my 6 week program

Or book an Energy Healing so I can help break the chains on Lack, and change that to a Wealthier and more Abundant life.

Money is just energy. There are many people who have half the caring, qualifications and skills You have, that make twice as much money as you do.. The difference is Mindset and Energy.


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