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Spiritual 'Flu.

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Have you ever had an #energyhealing and felt kind of weird afterwards?

Have you developed a runny nose, aches and pains, low energy, a bit headachy?

It could be a Spiritual 'Flu.

Why does this happen?

It occurs when our energy-body is integrating new, high-voltage energy and is still busy purging the old gunk out.

Sometimes we had something big shift and our energy resources are busy settling this new energy into our cells and tissues. Sometimes we need to rest up a little whilst this process takes place.

This is nothing to be worried about.

Usually it lasts about a day or so...and there are things you can do to help it along.

1. Gentle Exercise - Some gentle exercise such as yoga, a walk or a swim helps remove the old energy and helps pump the new energy through.

2. Get in the salt - A salt bath soak or swim in the ocean water is absolutely fantastic for cleaning dirty energetic debris. Salt has the pranic colour of green, which is cleansing and disinfecting. Add a cup of regular table salt to a bath or scrub yourself in the shower. You'll feel a lot better.

3. Water - Drink loads of fresh, plain water. Then drink some more.

4. Rest - Your energy body has just had a big workout, let things settle.

5. Avoid further energy work - Until you feel fully integrated and have no more symptoms. A week between healings is usual. Too much can result in Kundalini syndrome.

6. Observe a clean diet - Avoid alcohol, stimulants, meat and anything heavy for a few days. Your energetic resources are already hard at work, try not to apply extra burden.

7. Indulge in light, positive viewing - Let the light settle within you. Only intake a diet of positive T.V and social media. Kids animation, fluffy movies and comedy are good. Consciously avoid negativity for a whilst until your energy is stable and integrated.

8. Hold some Selenite - This gentle stone will assist in transmuting the old energy you are shedding, protect you whilst you are a little more vulnerable, instil you with calm and bring in more divine light. Just a small piece in your palm or nearby is perfect.

9. Pranayama- Simple dragon breathing, antakharana breathing or 6/3 breathing will pump the energy through your meridians and help to ground you.

You can also develop these symptoms during an eclipse season, after big energetic shifts, after big spiritual courses, being in high energy places or after periods of purification and meditation. If these feelings persist after a day or two, see your G.P.

Well done YOU for upgrading! Enjoy the benefits of your energy healing.

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