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Updated: Oct 11, 2020


Welcome to my site. If you would like to know more bout what I do, I joyfully invite you to explore my Blogs and Work with Me sections.

Here, I offer you my Professional Association Membership Information..This is important!

With the emergence of many "Energetic Healing" courses out there. This is serious work with responsibilities and dangers.

Honouring all professional healers, I feel the need to be responsible.

I honour, and respect my own, and others energy. Because of this, I insisted on being trained for over 8 years in one of the most intensive Energy Healing Courses available (Ignite Your Spirit Therapy), as well as several years of healing and study in my other two modalities.

Acceptance and Membership by two of the best Industry Associations means I am a PROFESSIONAL. I am RESPONSIBLE. I adhere to a code of ETHICS. I am INSURED. I require yearly ongoing training. and I am held accountable by a worldwide group of professional peers, guidelines and laws.

Indeed, I take this seriously. As I do You, my dear readers.

I try to be the best, to give you the best.

Being part of Professional Associations helps me do that.

In Love and Service .... Mia

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