Processes of Spiritual Growth

Updated: Jan 4

This is going to be a long one..Brace yourself.

Would you consider yourself on the spiritual path? Are you a spiritual seeker?


Im not sure how it happened for you, but it happened for me very quietly and regularly for years in the lead-up. However, i kind of ignored it. I was a bit "Yeh,Yeh its not that important". That was until the year 2011 rolled around and i could ignore it no longer.

The clouds had been gathering for YEARS on me. I then had a huge awakening in Ibiza. I mean, anyone who has been to Ibiza knows that the energy there is going to change your life in ways that you never expected. For me, it was in the form of leaving my husband and then diving into 10 years of hard core inner exploration. I realised then, that if i didn't wake up now, things were going to get very very bad.

After coming back from Ibiza and leaving my ex, i experienced a crushing 1.5 year dark night of the soul where i went to bed crying and i woke up crying each and every day, it was the kind of depression that crushes your soul. It wasn't because i was getting divorced, no, that was joyous. I was crying because i lost myself, i hadn't gained myself, the common denominator was me, every thing i knew was false, i created this, it was all on me, it was my fault, only i could get myself out and i did not know who this new me was, i had no future. I was staring down a black tunnel and i only had a very small speck at the end and a tiny bit of hope.

I was being reborn over a period of time and let me tell you, it was not an easy labour!

I got introduced to a Spiritual Healer and my Guru in February 2012 and it was like the universe handed me a torch, i was still in the dark night of the soul, only now i had a guide..and the rest, they history. Life now is so different, it is absolutely miraculous, fun and beautiful, it is peaceful, full and overflowing. But, that is the benefit of being able to listen to your Soul.

There are many stages of Spiritual Growth, maybe you can recognise some of these in your own journey?

- You are sent information on spiritual/mystical events more and more regularly.

- You are brought by someone to meet a spiritual person/light-worker/teacher/healer/mentor etc.

- You have spiritual experiences where you maybe shouldn't be having spiritual experiences.

- Numbers, synchronicities and small miracles become signs.

- You wake up one day and have a lightning-bolt moment where you realise that this path you are on is a one-way ticket to somewhere wrong.

- You all of a sudden see unhealthy patterns in yourself, your family and circle.

- You see a spiritualist/mystic and they tell you something which turns on the lightbulb and it just wont switch off.

- You experience depression/anxiety because of the dire state of the world.

- You have an immense love and compassion for sentient beings.

- You have a healing, do a meditation or other spiritual practice and it feels like drinking water after a very very long time without.

- You see an Angel or other ascended being.

- You feel that you NEED some kind of Spiritual practice and start studying many different avenues.

- Your meditation/prayer/connection practice becomes a need, not a want.

- You feel/see/perceive energy much more keenly.

- You want to be of service to others in need.

- Your self esteem and self compassion grows.

- You realise that you are are responsible for your energy.

- You feel connected to God/Oneness/Spirit/The Universe/Nature/etc

- You ask for divine help because you Know that it is real.

- You learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

- You become much more humble.

- Your capacity for Love expands exponentially..along with your boundaries.

- You are able to communicate your needs with clarity and compassion, you deal with difficult people with more patience.

- Your energy-field grows and you know that you need be responsible and caring with it.

- You seek out deeper spiritual learnings and experiences.

- You experience One-ness.

- You are more at peace with and accept, that there is life on the other side of this life.

- Peace become invaluable.

- You may change Gurus/teachers/mentors as you grow.

- You explore a niche that you feel gives you the most growth.

- You seek growth.

- You become comfortable with and honour your shadow parts.

- You are interested in exploring and bringing those shadow parts home back to love, because you know you need to.

- You know that you are never alone.

- You integrate your Spiritual life with the grounded-ness of a human life.

- You experience one-ness more and more.

- You see the inter-connectedness of life.

- You appreciate that every person is on their souls journey and you honour that.

- You replace judgement with compassion and discernment.

- You see the everyday miracles and life becomes more joyous.

- An on it spirals...

These are not, by all means, exhaustive. I'd Love to hear about your personal spiritual journey.

I want you to know that the spiritual path takes constant bravery. Being woke, conscious, awake, spiritual, mystical etc etc requires responsibility. But for some of us, the call is strong and dive in we must.

A wonderful teacher of mine, Parvarti Sundari said.."The spiritual path is not easier, but it is better."

So give yourself props where props are due, and consider cultivating your Spiritual Growth. The benefits are so many it is indescribable. You and the World are the receivers of them all. XX

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