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Why Good Energetic Hygiene is Essential

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Energy. Its Everything isn't it?

As an energy healer I would concur. Our physical manifestation (Everything we sense with our 3D Senses) are a tiny part of who we be.

What you may not know about yourself is that you have a huge Energetic part of yourself that is in constant communication with Everybody and Everything. It is constantly sensing and refining information, It also sends out a lot of information.

An average human aura (Immediate energy field around the body of a living thing) extends about 1 meter around the outer edge of the body. An ascended being such as Buddha was said to have an aura that extended kilometres.

As an Energetic Healer keeping my energy in check, clean, healthy and BIG is almost a full time job and took many many many years of constant work to get it as clean, clear, large and developed as it is now. It is a responsibility that I take extremely seriously.

Your Energy body consists of thousands of chakras (whirling vortices of energy) and millions of meridians (channels of energy). Energy is in constant flow within and around your body. Problems occur when our energy becomes stagnant, dirty, slow, and hindered in any way.

We absorb energy from other people and places.

Nature is one place that is just pure, unadulterated clean energy, full of negative ions that are wonderful for energising and balancing our whole being. Positive people make us feel positive and negative places and people make us feel negative. Its because of an energetic exchange.

It is especially important to clean your energy if you work with lots of people or in places with tricky energy such as funeral homes, hospitals, schools, prisons, rehab centres, corporate offices and anywhere there is a lot of people and activity.

Here are some ways to keep your energy clean..

  1. Wash/soak in salt. Simple kitchen salt nothing fancy. Scrubs with sea salt are excellent.

  2. Wash/soak in coffee. Outside the body. Add one teaspoon to your bath/scub with salt for extra power.

  3. Walk/sit in nature outside a city.

  4. Swim in the ocean.

  5. Palo Santo/White Sage your space.

  6. Om mantra sound.

  7. Rose and/or Sandalwood oil, a few drops in a burner and/or your bath. Wash your surfaces with it.

  8. Sunlight. Let the sun flood your space and yourself.

  9. Puja. Abhishekham and fire puja are two of the most powerful ways to purify your personal energy. Message me and I will hook you up with ceremonies.

  10. Exercise.

  11. Meditate.

  12. Avoid meat and processed food/drink.

  13. Get a healing.

  14. Don't smoke anything.

  15. Bells and gong sounds.

  16. Sound healing.

  17. Use Crystals such as Onyx, Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz.

  18. Have a healing.

  19. Pranayama

Personally I do all of these and more. If my energy is feeling slow, i'm having disturbed sleep, I feel compromised and cant shake it, i'm staying in a hotel room or others houses, or perhaps there has been tension in my space...I clean.

I also use a meditation upon rising, going to sleep and clearing my space between clients.

What methods do you use to raise your vibration?

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