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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Hello Beautiful Humans,

Im in the midst of a 30 day Forgiveness Sadhana.

Forgiveness isn't so popular today. Resentment and non-forgiveness is much more hip as a remedy against those who have hurt us.

Just bear with me, i'm not asking anyone else to forgive. But I will tell you how its going for me.

Firstly, I decided to do this practice because I was experiencing regret, anger, resentment and a huge drop in vibration. I had some ruminating thoughts about past events and I got down about feeling down.

I was sitting on my balcony ruminating and I had the light go on. FORGIVENESS. I hadn't done that for a whilst. Thank You, a nudge from the divine.

As a spiritual aspirant, forgiveness is a pillar of my practice. Grace is cultivated through giving, forgiving and serving. Forgiveness is a tonic for the heart and I realised that I was the one holding onto my negative feelings.

What i've found from 2 weeks of daily forgiveness is So. Much. Peace.

I have lost the resentment, anger and sadness. I feel i'm not tied to my past. My heart is so expansive-i feel like I can really breathe. Im infused with gratitude every day. There is no heaviness in my body, whereas before there was and I just didn't realise. Im happier and hopeful. My vibration is constant. It feels wonderful.

When I started doing the practice, my ego jumped in and said "If you forgive then they get away with it", "Who will you be if you forgive? A weak person", "They don't deserve your forgiveness".

I really had to parent myself, but it got easier and I soon found I could't wait to let that S**t go.

My practice consists of this..

A meditation to very gently release pain.

I forgive others, then ask for forgiveness, then forgive myself (as much as I can that day).

Then I do Ho'opono'pono.

Cut cords to the past.

Then do gratitude.

Some days/situations i'm doing in layers, being very gentle with myself. Some days I can feel the entire event wiped from my consciousness. It feels emotional, liberating and sacred.

My heart has expanded and developed exponentially.

I feel like I can take up more space.

A great saying is that resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die, so its probably a good idea to try to let that go.

I have a wonderful resource which is a forgiveness meditation, it includes cutting cords and discourse about forgiveness.

If you feel that you are a slave to past events and you are carrying negative feelings and thoughts that you don't want to hang onto anymore. I can help you..

If you'd like to be free from your past and step into a brighter, more loving future contact me and we can do some gentle forgiveness work in a healing. No forgiveness work should be undertaken without being ready, and always with your inner child on board, it is a process that is done in stages.

Forgiveness takes courage. But i think we are all worthy of being happy and free.

With Love and so much Tenderness...

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