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Crazy Covid-ville

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Hello beautiful,

How are you going with this new and unprecedented event in our lifetime?

Depending on where you are in the world and what your circumstances might be, I imagine you are ranging in feelings from "OMG this is just awful", to "What is all the fuss about?".

However you look at it, these past months have had us all topsy-turvy. We have had to adjust our lives to rapidly changing circumstances and have had to rise to new challenges and combat some crisis.

Myself, I've been feeling fine, fine, fine and then in the past 2 weeks a big sad slump.

Recently, it has taken me a lot to force myself to get into my daily spiritual practice and keep my vibe high. What I've learned, is to not force myself to do things that increase my sadness due to it feeling hard and unenjoyable. Instead, find things that give me happiness. I simply do my best to maintain discipline and good habits but I have softness and gentleness with myself if i'm just not up to it. What we are going through is BIG. Being extra kind to yourself and others at this time is one good way to come out the other side better than when we went in. Big dollops of kindness, patience and compassion, in fact.

Some people believe that this is all a conspiracy, some people don't worry about it at all and/or they might be focused on the very important revolution of #blacklivesmatter. Whichever way we look at it we are all going through a time of great change.

If you are not coping and are feeling sad, lost, negative, angry or any side-shoot manifestation of these things for an extended time period please reach out, or call your local or Association.

I have a prayer group that I do on Sunday night. Its just me, praying for anyone who needs it, plus the world population and the Earth herself. Prayer is powerful because religious or not, in a nutshell, it is positive energy sent to whoever is being prayed for. Feel free to message me on my Insta @The.soul.home or facebook page The Soul Home and I will add you and loved ones to the group. The more people who I have to pray for, the bigger the energy.

Alternatively, please book a healing. An Energy Healing session can clear away negativity and restore you back to your harmonious, peaceful, happy self in the space of an hour. This has kept me afloat mentally and emotionally through these times. It is a form of self care. We help each other with our Love and Positive energy.

I send you ALL lots of Love and Blessings- See you on the flip side...

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