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Animal Healing

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Did you know that animals respond beautifully to Energy Healing?

Pet healing is a big part of my business. Animals communicate in subtle ways and if you are aren't really listening, sometimes we can miss the signals.

Sometimes animals don't know whats wrong with themselves and it is hard to detect when they can't verbalise what they are feeling. How do we guess? Where do we start?

An Energy Healing on your pet can provide results such as reduced anxiety, it can rectify behavioural problems, we can communicate with your animal so they aren't confused. We can find out what is making your pet sick. We can find out what your pet loves and what it needs to be happy. We can find out what has triggered your pets upset.

Animals are sentient beings with Energy fields of their own which are highly tuned and sensitive to the world around them, they are not lesser beings or less intelligent than us, simply different. They have senses that we aren't aware of and communicate with each other via subtle body language and telepathy. Do we have those abilities? not usually.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if your animal could communicate with you?

Many times an Energy Healing bonds an owner with his pet more deeply because of the new level of understanding and connection. Your pet feels seen, heard and taken seriously, and they can get back to their very serious job of being of service to their pack (your family).

Ive done many healings on animals. From Dogs with full blown allergies, to Cats that have Depression. The effects are immediate and lasting.

The Energy I use is very soft and gentle and completely harmless, in fact, you'll notice your pet visibly relax and often just settle in to sleep. Cats know and use energy themselves and will shift around and tell you where they need the Healing Energy directed- its amazing!

Often clients will ask me to just check in with their pet and see what they are feeling, it gives us the opportunity to meet their needs and make them comfortable, which is great for the entire household. Im certain we all want that for our pets.

If you are wondering what your pet is thinking or if your pet displays physical or emotional issues, an Energy Healing could help.

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