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Many people have claimed to have had contact with Angels throughout human history. Judaism and Christianity especially claim Angels and Archangels as their own discovery. Yet their existence is recorded through the annals of time in many religions.

What are Angels?

Angels are non denominational beings. They are non-physical. There is an angel for everything, an angel for every level of vibration. They can be seen as good or 'bad', yet they are all emissaries of the one true creator (As an agnostic Catholic, i am most comfortable with the use of the word God).

What do Angels do?

Angels help humanity. They are only ever an ask away and are available all the time. They never override free will. Many are helpers, some healers and others', teachers.

How do i get in contact with one?

The best way is to say "To my team of Angels who love me unconditionally", or call on a specific Angel, for example 'I call on Archangel Michael'.

You can call on specific Archangels by name, but for minor Angels and your personal Angel it is Always a MUST to ask for ones 'who love you unconditionally'. This is energetic hygiene and keeps us safe from tricksters, pranksters and fakes.

Never simply ask for Help, whoever is closest, will oblige.

Meditation specific to a particular Archangel is wonderful. You can take your time to commune with that energy.

Healings, we work with the beings of light every time.


Are there Dark Angels?

There is one dark angel. We honour his place in the universe but never call on him. We have angels which hold the energy of lower vibrational states, they are never at war with the more palatable Angels -unlike what they tell us in the scriptures. They simply exist, we never call on them.

How do i know which one to call?

Google? Perhaps you saw a sign in the form of a card, a picture, a sound etc. Whichever one you are guided to.

What do Angels help with?

Your own personal angels are always with you, guiding you and protecting you. Ask them for help with anything you wish. If you ask they will help in a more powerful way, otherwise, they will send you messages but they will never override freewill.

How do i know i've been in contact with an Angel?

Oh you'll know.

However, we have all been in contact with Angels, it's just that most people don't notice. If you've noticed, keep noticing and watch magic unfold in your life.

A true story of Angelic presence

In 2016 my nan was passing away. She was elderly but it was very shocking and very sudden. She was taken off support and prepared for palliative care, it was only a matter of days.

I went one night to visit her at about 9pm, i had got the urge to see her alone. I already had a fiercely strong spiritual practice and she was a devout Catholic so i thought i could comfort her in our shared love of the Divine.

I sat with her hand in mine and put my head on her bed next to her and just cried and cried and cried. I said all i wanted to say to her and how much i would miss her. Then i put on a song that was an Archangel mediation sound. It was one i used to commune with Archangels during mediation, the sound is just divine and very very Holy. I just spent those few hours holding her hand.

The next day the family was called in because nan was actively passing, it would be any hour now. As i sat next to her, holding her hand she was in and out of her body, this happens a lot with people in the phase of dying. Her breath was slowing and every time i thought that was it, she'd take another breath, it was gut wrenching. As i sat there in deep weeping anguish, i felt a finger on my back, pressing on my spine just below my shoulder blades. I then felt an enormous surge of energy, as if someone was holding me up, the energy flooded through my body and felt like unimaginable bliss and heavenly compassion. There was such indescribable peace, it helped me to surrender.

Just before this had happened i had noticed two people come and stand behind me, i thought one was a nun from the hostel and church next door but i was crying so much and focusing on my nan breathing i didn't take a good look.

My nan passed that night after we had all left. The next day i asked my aunt who was standing behind me yesterday, because their touch was such a comfort and strength. My aunt said "Noone was behind you, it was just us all afternoon". There is No Doubt in my mind it was divine angelic assistance.

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